Netherlands, Vaalserberg (322 m): October 2014

Peak five! The highest point of Netherlands, Vaalserberg. Peaked: BOSH!

Third and final of the BeNeLux three. 322 meters, and they call this The Flatlands.Outrageous.

NL Highest

Vaalserberg, very much the point.

Tower at Vaalserberg

Obligatory tower.

An important issue which needs raising is that, for a mountaineer in need of nourishment who has just conquered his third Peak in one day, it doesn’t help that the cafes and restaurants at the summit didn’t take foreign credit cards. I was planning on a slap up victory feed.  I found a euro in my pocket, and had to settle for a chocolate bar from the gift shop, bitter with the salty taste of the tears of a hungry adventurer.






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