Tour de Swedenavia

Having never been to Finland, Norway or northern Sweden, I thought the simplest thing would be to ride between them and see what it’s all about up there.

The plan is to fly to Oulu (Finland) ride through northern Sweden/Lapland and the Arctic Circle to Narvik (Norway), then fly home.

That’s the plan anyway.

*crosses fingres*

Day 1: Oulu to Kemi (122 Km)

Day 2: Kemi to Överkalix (150 Km)

Day 3: Överkalix to Gällivare (142 Km)

Day 4: Gällivare to Kiruna (120 Km)

Day 5: Kiruna to Torneträsk (100 Km)

Day 6: Torneträsk to Bogen (100 Km)

Day 7 – Hometime

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