Day 6 – Riksgränsen to Narvik-Harstad (87 Km)

Into Norway!

Last day riding today.  Very fine day to end with.  Not sure if it was relief at the final stage, the sun and blue skies, the absence of any real headwind, the first 30 km being good descent, or that Norway really is beautiful, but today was a real high to finish on.

Great scenery, good riding.

Leaving Riksgränsen - the Customs House

It's Official - into Norway

Sprawling metropolis

After a cool, but ultimately satisfying descent off the mountains and back to sea level, I stopped in Bjerkvik for sustainance.  It.was.good.


Lots of easy riding, in the sun, along the fjords from Bjerkvik to Bogen, before heading inland on the E10.

Looking back on Bogen

Fairly typical view across the fjord

All done!

Tour in summary:

Day 1 – was never a sensible choice to ride so much in such short a time.

Överkalix on Day 2 was beautiful.  The road from there to Kiruna was more functional than inspirational.  Hitching the lift on ‘difficult’ Day 5 made a massive difference to the quality of the trip.  Final day’s riding today was oustanding.

I can highly recommend an abundance of sticking plasters to rectify (heh!) the saddle sore.  I can highly recommend never never never trying to remove them afterwards.  I am keeping mine on, permanently, I have decided.

Bike worked, skinny tyres worked, packing light worked, no mech failures, only a couple of punctures, shade over 700 Km in 6 days, job done. Shorter days next time.

All of this was made possible with the help and support of my wonderful wife, who did me the great honour, 9 years ago today, of marrying me.

Wiiiiife: thank you :love:

Maybe the hardest part of all was being away from home, but I’ll fix that tomorrow.

Right, that’s enough of this.  Time for some grub.

Total Ascent
Total Descent

6 thoughts on “Day 6 – Riksgränsen to Narvik-Harstad (87 Km)

  1. Well done you! Big congratulations! Still think your a (ginger) nutter but well done! Glad you’ve made it in one piece! Hope you treat yourself to a lovely lazy weekend! Congrats on your wedding anniversary! love ya xxxxxxxxxx

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