Day 3 – Överkalix to Gällivare (142 Km)

After a breakfast of eggs, bacon, reindeer and some other stuff, I was ready for the road.  Turned out nice this morning, so took some piccies of the local church and the town from the bridge leading to it.

This one is the church

The Grand Arctic Hotel, no less. Can't see the helipad from here.

Downtown, also from the bridge.

Into the Arctic Circle!

So, tough day today, long, gentle uphill, bit of an old headwind (including having to pedal downhill at one point, grrr).  Weather was dry though, which was a treat. No punctures, which was nice.

OK, so I didn't take the pic, but I saw one just like it. Honest.

Not long after entering the Arctic Circle I was also inside Lapland.  No sign of the locals doing their famous dance.  Rode past 4 moose today – all loners, the first one was white, the next two brown, the final one was brown and red, and very much all over the road, looking a little more like pate than moose. Was tempted to stop for some pics (of the live ones) but, although they all had placid looking faces, they also had mischeivious looking antlers, so I trundled past.

Finally got to Gällivare (see sign), showered and clean, I picked up some provisions for tomorrow, ate a lovely steak, spoke to my lovely wife, wrote this, then turned in.

Once in the town, I saw a very disappointed Gary Glitter.

*turns in*

Total Ascent
Total Descent


6 thoughts on “Day 3 – Överkalix to Gällivare (142 Km)

  1. What a treat to come across some moose. They are such gorgeous animals, and I have never seen them in the wild. When I was a kid we always made such a racket when in the moosey forests, so they kept a wide berth.

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