Day 4 – Gällivare to Kiruna (125 Km)

Total Ascent
Total Descent

Well, that’s Day 5 done. Definitely starting to feel the old ‘500 km tiredness’ starting to kick-in. Was slow and hard going today – that and chilly, waterproof trews and jacket on, which kept the wind off a treat. Not particularly inspiring riding, and was heavily considering a rest day tomorrow – we’ll see!

The last 10 km climb into Kiruna wasn’t that steep, but certainly finished me off for the day.  Still, arrived around 1630, had time for a sauna, dins (featured) and getting some supplies in.

Classic Recovery Food

No rain, no punctures, no moose (sadly), kebab and chips. Bosh!

4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Gällivare to Kiruna (125 Km)

  1. Oof! Tough day, but it sounds like tomorrow will be fun and you’ve earned all that lovely downhill. Big hugs from me and the nips xxxxx

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