Day 5 – Kiruna to Riksgränsen (67 Km in the end!)

Total Ascent
Total Descent

Bit of a change of gear today, in the downwards direction.  First 60 km took over 3 hours, and I had one of those: “That’s enough of this nonsense” moments (tired everything + aching knee + a bit sore + headwind that you have pedal downhill against), so I hitched a ride with a couple from Latvia, in a deathtrap 1960s Winnebago.  There was a stick holding the door closed (on the inside), and every time we hit a bump the co-pilot had to push the overhead roof-bunk back up, so the driver could see again, which was a relief every time!

'A bit sore'

Anyway, they were lovely folks and it meant a lot to me when they stopped. It was great to have an easy finish to the day.  My little legs were pleased, I got to Riskgransen early, and have since been tucking in.

The E10 to Abisko

Scenic Shot

Tornetrask - 100 km of lake (not all shown here)

OK, so technically not Day 5, but here’s the view from my room at the ski lodge:

Taken shortly after midnight.

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