Denmark, Møllehøj (171 m): May 2013

First peak bagged! Danish Alps: Conquered. Bump

Conditions were good, no rain, cloudy and low winds. From base-camp (the car park) it was approx 20m to the base of Ejer Bavnehøj, previously Denmark’s highest point at 170.35m. A tower is built on this peak to commemorate it’s lofty status; steps lead up the top for views across the countryside. There’s also a lift.

With the summit team (my family) feeling strong, and in good spirits, we pushed on, down the lift, and 300m across the fields to Møllehøj, Denmark’s highest natural point. In 2005 someone decided this was 49 cm taller than Ejer Bavnehøj, and so displaced it as the highpoint. Across from Møllehøj you can see Møgelhøj, which has great views across the countryside, and two cracking vindskydd if you’re considering camping (there’s a firepit and what looked like a long-drop toilet too) – I didn’t see a tap, but there were loos in the car park.



Sadly, the ice-cream shoppe at base-camp didn’t accept Swedish kronor, or cards, or Euros, so we missed the applepie and coffees we so deserved.

It was very endearing how much trouble has gone in to signposting and providing facilities for Møllehøj and Ejer Bavnehøf.

We smiled throughout. It was great.

Good cows too.

Route map.

Route map.

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