Day 1 – Oulu to Kemi (122 km)

Landed in Oulu Airport late afternoon, only to then suffer the indignity of my trusty bike being dumped onto, and carried around  floundering on, the baggage conveyor belt.  No lasting harm done. Put bike together outside Arrivals (see pic).  Bit of a ‘Bucks Fizz’ moment, much to the delight of the onlooking taxi drivers, as I whipped off my strides to reveal by cycling shorts beneath.  One of them fainted. Probably.

But who's the hunk in the window?

Was a fine day for riding, 5 m/s headwind (all day), very warm, blue skies, no sign of the rain or storms that were expected.Took a route away from the main road in the end.

Welcome to Oulu *rocks*

Passed by a bloke playing air saxophone. Think he was lost.

Got a bit lost myself, trying to navigate some of the bike paths, so switched back to Plan A, follow the road. Next time, I might even consider bringing a map.

Classic example of one of those confusing bike paths

Rest of the riding was straightforward, clear roads and flat, ,just the one puncture after a gentle foray along some fire-roads… Decided to finish riding at Kuivaniemi (after 100 Km) and enjoy public transport to the hotel, as I didn’t fancy getting locked out and sleeping rough.  Arrived in Kemi around midnight, was presented with a delicious, cold beer. Showered then snoozed.

Total Ascent
Total Descent

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